What precautions should be taken after the completion of CNC machining?

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2022-12-30 15:08

CNC machining refers to a mechanical processing method that processes parts on a CNC machine tool and uses digital information to control the displacement of parts and tools. It is an effective way to solve the problems of variable parts varieties, small batches, complex shapes, high accuracy, and achieve efficient and automated processing.
Generally speaking, the process procedures for CNC machine tool processing are consistent with those for traditional machine tool processing. However, since CNC is a one-time clamping process that continuously and automatically processes all turning processes, it is necessary to pay attention to some matters after completing CNC machine tool processing.
Precautions after processing:
1. Remove chips, wipe the machine tool, and keep the machine tool and environment clean when using it.
2. Pay attention to checking or replacing the oil wiping plate on the worn out machine tool guide rail.
3. Check the status of lubricating oil and coolant, and add or replace them in a timely manner.
4. Turn off the power supply and the main power supply on the machine tool operation panel in turn.
5. When starting the machine tool, the principles of first returning to zero (except for special requirements), manual, inching, and automatic operation should be followed. The operation of the machine tool should follow the principle of first low speed, medium speed, and then high speed. The operation time of low speed and medium speed should not be less than 2-3 minutes. After confirming that there are no abnormalities, work can be started.
6. It is strictly prohibited to strike, correct, and correct the workpiece on the chuck or between the centers. The next step of work can only be carried out after confirming the workpiece and the cutter.
7. The operator must stop the machine when changing tools, workpieces, adjusting workpieces, or leaving the machine tool during work.
8. Operators are not allowed to disassemble and move the safety and protective devices on the machine tool arbitrarily.
9. Before the machine tool starts processing, it is necessary to use a program verification method to check whether the program used is similar to the part being processed. After confirming that there is no error, the safety shield can be properly secured and the machine tool can be started to process the part.
10. Machine tool accessories, measuring tools, and cutting tools should be properly stored and kept intact and in good condition. If they are lost or damaged, they should be compensated.
11. After the training, clean the machine tool, keep it clean, move the tailstock and carriage to the end of the bed, and cut off the power supply of the machine tool.
12. In case of any malfunction or abnormal phenomenon during the operation of the machine tool, it is necessary to immediately shut down the machine, protect the site, and immediately report to the site responsible.
13. Operators are strictly prohibited from modifying machine tool parameters. If necessary, the device administrator must be notified and requested to modify it.
14. Understand the technical requirements of the part drawing, and check the size and shape of the blank for defects. Choose a reasonable method of installing parts.
15. Correctly select CNC turning tools, and ensure accurate and firm installation of parts and tools.
16. Understand and master the control and operation panel of CNC machine tools and their operating essentials, accurately input the program into the system, simulate inspection and room cutting, and make various preparations before processing.
17. If the lathe is found to have abnormal sound or malfunction during processing, it is necessary to immediately stop the machine for inspection and report to the instructor to avoid danger.


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Centerless grinding machines are a type of grinding machines that do not require the use of the axis of the workpiece for grinding. "It is composed of three mechanisms: a grinding wheel, an adjustment wheel, and a workpiece holder. The grinding wheel actually performs the grinding task. The adjustment wheel controls the rotation of the workpiece and causes the workpiece to have a feed speed. As for the workpiece holder, which supports the workpiece during grinding, there can be several ways to cooperate with these three mechanisms, except for stopping grinding, which is the same in principle.". Centerless grinding machines can automatically trim and compensate. The guide wheel feed guide rail is a dual V-shaped needle roller guide wheel fed by a servo motor that can compensate for grinding wheel dressing. The machine tool is equipped with an automatic loading and unloading mechanism, which can perform automatic circular grinding. The development of centerless grinding machines has gone through the process of completely relying on system suppliers to initially having general development capabilities. However, the application of CNC systems is still in the stage of improving the performance of mechanical transmission chains, replacing mechanical handwheels, and simple processing cycles. Compared with advanced levels, centerless grinding machines still have many gaps, and there is a lot to improve in terms of machine tool accuracy, automation functions, processing efficiency, and reliability of centerless grinding machines Breakthrough issues need to be resolved. Summarize the various structures and use processes of various products currently produced, analyze their advantages and disadvantages, explore what automatic functions the product should achieve, and have a plan for its gradual development to facilitate learning and work; Attaching importance to the development of CNC software, centerless grinders have the conditions to introduce technology or learn from overseas, to keep up with the development trend. In terms of hardware, combined with market needs, centerless grinders will apply new technologies and new functions one by one in product manufacturing, in order to narrow the gap with advanced levels. In the centerless grinding machine industry, to promote industrial progress. The formulation of new standards and the revision of old standards lag far behind the development of the industry. Due to changes in government agencies, industry standards have not been addressed. Given the very backward standards, it seems impractical for mindless grinders to propose creating international brands. To create an international brand of centerless grinding machines, domestic standardization work must take the lead. To further establish contacts with international standardization organizations and establish cooperative relationships based on communication, thereby improving the international competitiveness of China's product standards, creating an international brand has the foundation.



Reasons and Solutions for Inaccurate Feed of Centerless Grinder

The general operating method is to come back three laps during the feed and then enter three laps to remove errors caused by gaps. If it is still inaccurate, we need to perform other operations. Have a brief understanding of how to handle this matter. 1. Check to see if the screw brake handwheel is locked. If you are not sure about it, the two pins of the brake handwheel tap against the screw rod have fallen off. Grasp the screw brake handwheel tap and check for reinstallation. If the feed of the lower slider is not accurate, check whether the left or right side of the object rack has touched the falling workpiece. This problem sometimes occurs and needs to be checked. 2. For centerless grinding machine types, because the tool is fed from the lower right corner, check whether the set screw of the feed handwheel and the anti retraction screw on the feed screw are loose or the gap is too large. Rolling back and forth feels like the gap between the handwheels is too large, or if the handwheel is too tight when rotating. 3. Slightly adjusting the offset or looseness of the feed housing downward will cause the sliding conflict to cause excessive clearance between the helical gear and the adjustment screw. Or tightening the nut will make the rotation inflexible. Generally, loose nuts can also lead to inaccurate feed. 4. Both the handwheel fine adjustment and the screw rod differential disc drive screws have fixed screws, and it is also necessary to ensure that there are no looseness, fine adjustment screws, and the edge bearing of the screws to ensure that there is no wear or excessive clearance. For slightly worn parts, they can be properly tightened, and severely worn parts need to be replaced in a timely manner. Matching high-quality parts as much as possible can improve the feed accuracy of the grinding machine and reduce the maintenance rate of the machine.



Precautions for Centerless Grinder Operation

A grinding machine that uses a centerless grinding method to grind the rotating surface of a workpiece is commonly referred to as a centerless cylindrical grinding machine. On a centerless cylindrical grinding machine, the workpiece is not centered and supported by the center, but is placed between the grinding wheel and the guide wheel and supported by the tray and guide wheel. ‎ The grinding wheel is generally installed at the end of the spindle, and the grinding wheel with a width greater than 250mm is installed in the middle of the spindle. The width of the grinding wheel can reach 900mm. The grinding wheel rotates at a high speed for grinding, and the guide wheel rotates at a slower speed in the same direction, thereby driving the workpiece to rotate for circular feed. ‎ During grinding, axial feed is achieved by adjusting the slight inclination of the guide wheel shaft, which is suitable for grinding elongated cylindrical workpiece, short shaft without central hole, and sleeve type workpiece. In the process of plunge grinding, radial feed is achieved through the movement of a guide wheel frame or grinding wheel frame. It is suitable for grinding workpieces with shoulders or bosses, as well as cones, spheres, or other workpieces with curved curves. ‎ Centerless grinding machines have high productivity and are easy to automate with the addition of various handling devices. Most of them are used for mass production and can be operated by unskilled workers. The grinding accuracy of centerless grinding machines is generally 2 microns for roundness and 4 microns for dimensional accuracy. High precision centerless grinding machines can reach 0.5 microns and 2 microns respectively. In addition, there are centerless internal grinding machines and centerless thread grinding machines. ‎ Centerless grinder can automatically trim and compensate. The guide wheel feed guide rail is a dual V-shaped needle roller guide wheel supplied by a servo motor and can be mutually compensated by grinding wheel trimming. The machine tool is equipped with an automatic loading and unloading mechanism for automatic circular grinding. ‎

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